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The Launderers service a host of hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and other businesses in and around Cape Town.   These businesses trust us to consistently deliver perfectly laundered linen, on time.   This partnership provides our clients more time to focus on their businesses and their clients.   Our processes and technology enable the proactive management of their laundry stock so there are never any surprises.

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Our Process

Fifteen years of experience has taught us a lot about our clients and their needs.
We have tried to build our business and our processes around these needs to ensure our clients get the peace of mind they are looking for.

Deliveries and Collection

Our delivery and collection option allows our clients to maximise their work day without taking any time from their schedule to transport laundry.

Each client is allotted a time slot in which their delivery/collection will take place.   This allows them to plan their work day more efficiently.

We’ll be there at that time, rain or shine, 365 days of the year.

The Best Clean

Using the best detergent in the correct amount with the cleanest water is crucial to getting the best clean.

The Launderers uses Ecolab range of products exclusively.   We have tested a host of other detergents but none have equaled the consistently high standards of EcoLab.

Our detergents are electronically blended inside our machines based on load size and type.   This ensure the perfect chemical to water ratio for the perfect clean.

Our water is filtered twice and the iron levels automatically corrected.   This enables our detergent to work as effectively as possible in removing all types of stains.


Stock Management and Longevity

Linen costs money and the management of linen costs time and money!

The Launderers has introduced a number of measures to extend the life of your linen and allow you to manage it efficiently.

Our RFID system allows the tracking of individual items making it easy to see its whereabouts, how often it is used, and how close it is to replacement.

Our detergents are proven to extend the lifespan of cotton fabrics and our driers automatically shut off to ensure that fabrics are not overdryed.


Sustainability is not just about being environmentally-friendly; it is the wisest possible use of resources to minimise impact while getting the desired result.

The Launderers will not compromise on offering a hygenic, spotless clean.   We purchase our detergents and equipment to ensure we can achieve this clean with the lowest environmental impact.

Our Electrolux washers electronically adjust water and detergent use based on load size. Our detergent is EU-ecolabel certified.   Our dryers save electricity by automatically cutting off based on load humidity.   Our over-arching approach to linen longevity and management keeps linen in use and out of land fill for longer.

These measures make us one of the most energy-efficient and sustainable laundries in Cape Town.

Service Excellence

While we are always striving for perfection, sometimes things go wrong.

At The Launderers we will always be available to make things right.   The hospitality industry does not keep business hours and we never know when an issue will arise.   Our managers are available 24/7 to sort out any and all emergencies when they occur.

Cost Effectiveness

The Launderers is not the cheapest laundry in town and we will never be; this is because we refuse to take short cuts.   We are, however, the most cost-effective.   We make sure that every cent is put to use getting our clients the best clean.

Our superior and bespoke service allows our clients to free up valuable time and resources; to release them from managing the mundane and allow them to focus on the aspects they enjoy.

Our prices are adjusted annually with new prices coming into effect on the 1st of September.

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